From AUD $250.00
  • Location: Picton, NSW
  • Product code: RMAXCHAMP


5 minute practise

10 minute race 

15 minute race

4 groups- light, medium, heavy & super heavy

Lights: 75 kgs and under

Medium: 75 - 95 kgs

Heavy: 95 - 115 kgs

Super Heavy: 115kgs + 

All drivers will be weighed to ensure everyone is put in the right category. 

There will be up to 7 drivers in each group.

Whoever gets the fastest lap in each race will win and accumulate points. The person from each group with the most points at the end of the three rounds will win the RMAX CHAMPIONSHIP along with some awesome prizes!

To ENTER you must have previous driving experience with times UNDER 36 seconds!

Championship Season!

Each event will have a points system which will carryover throughout all race nights throughout the 6 events! The driver with the most points at the end of the season will be the SPRINT NIGHT CHAMPION!

Points are won in the qualifying, heat and final. The point system is as follows:

1st - 10 points

2nd - 9 points

3rd - 8 points

4th - 7 points

5th - 6 points

6th - 5 points 

7th - 4 points

8th - 3 points

9th - 2 points

10th - 1 points 

11th and under 0 points.